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I thought that title would get your attention. Again, I want to reiterate that everything I do is tested and is very practical. What I’m about to tell you is something that should have occurred to me a lot sooner. Why? Because when using this technique, I have had not one single flake. Let me say that again, if you use this technique you will not get one single flake. Every single mature girl that I have used this on has went out on a date with me.

I call it my Rapid Seduction technique, and this is the best technique in the seduction community right now. It is better than negging, NLP, cold reading…better than everything out there. I know this because I’ve done all of the above. If you use this technique, you will find that every night you go out you will have a solid date set up for the next day or two.

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First, let’s talk about the problem with the seduction models of yesterday. If you are proficient in the history of the seduction community, then you know about building comfort and how it is integral to the seduction methods of yesterday. What I’ve come to find, is that comfort is only worth the effort if you’re going for a one night stand. However, why would you bother with comfort if you’re setting up a date? Can’t you just go into comfort while you’re on your date?

Let me explain. When I would go out with these mature women do you know what they would say to me? They would tell me how incredibly funny they and their friends thought I was. When I would get a hold of these mature girls, they were very enthusiastic about meeting up with me. All they could think about is how much fun I was and how I was absolutely hilarious. I also found that I did not spend a lot of time on these mature girls. I’d spend maybe 15-20 minutes with them without actually doing any of that comfort stuff.

Now let’s think about logic. The seduction methods of yesterday say that you should generally spend no more than 3-10 minutes before going into comfort ranging from 25 minutes up to a few hours and then number closing. The problem with this? Her last memory of you is going to be of some boring touchy feely moment that she’s going to forget as soon as the alcohol wears off.

What do people remember the day after they’ve been out drinking, and more importantly, what do they talk about? They remember the funniest most outrageous moments and people related to those moments. This is common knowledge. I don’t need to tell you this, as you already know that you remember the most hilarious moments the day after you’ve been out drinking. Nobody remembers that boring stuff.

Alright, so what do you want to do? You want to run my Rambo technique, which will build up a lot of value. The mature girl that you want will see that you can get other mature women. Alright, so after you run my Rambo technique, you want to pick a group of mature women and go right into Rapid Seduction. What is Rapid Seduction? You want to rapidly start shooting out your most hilarious, fun, routines and lines. You don’t want to do anything that drags out or is boring. So this means no magic tricks, no cold reading, and no long stories. You just want to focus on the quick fun and hilarious stuff.

After about 15 minutes of this(or whenever you're running low on fun/hilarious stuff), you want to tell your target that you have to go and that you should do something tomorrow (or the day after that). If you read The Assanova Method, then you already know that you should have your date picked out. Number close and immediately walk away.

Her and her friends are going to be thinking about how much fun they had with you, so they’re going to encourage her to go out with you. And the next day all she’s going to think about is the fun she had with you last night. When you call or text her, she is going to be very enthusiastic about hanging out with you.

Step 1) Run my Rambo Technique.

Step 2) Go into Rapid Seduction, no comfort.

Step 3) Set up a date and leave while she’s still giggling and thinking about how much fun you are.

And yes, I am very much aware that there is a shortage of short fun routines and lines that you can do in any given interaction. Don’t worry, my next guide will provide these.